Waterfalls always inspired me to change the perspective on different things in life, like a trigger of nature that opens the gate to reflection and understanding. If it’s not crowded, I can watch a waterfall for hours just embracing the powerful sound of nature and moving around it to discover another view of its majestic and graceful force.

Krka Waterfalls – Krka National Park Croatia

I associate waterfalls with the pure power of nature, a source of energy for humanity. When I see the force of water heating the impenetrable rocks, I feel recharged with positive energy, vigor, and optimism. At the same time, there are waterfalls that inspired me to fear unleashed nature. I realize how small we are in the face of nature and how easily we could be crushed under its power.

Låtefossen Waterfall – Norway

It’s also impressive how many symbols have the waterfalls in literature, connected with legends from all parts of the world. People have always been inspired by elements of nature and because the water was frequently an important symbol in mythology, they gave also meaningful interpretations of waterfalls. For example, in classical Chinese paintings, the waterfall is considered a symbol of eternal change being represented in opposition to the rocks – symbol for immutability. By extension, the waterfall is another representation of yin and yang. 

Cascada Duruitoarea (Hardy Waterfall) – Durau, Romania

In Hinduism, waterfalls symbolize the descent of gods, consciousness, light, and abundance. It is considered that the waterfall is a sacred passage from Gods to humanity, for example, they say that the Ganga river falls down from heavens like a waterfall, and from the head of Shiva (Himalayas), it flows down to the earth, again under the form of a waterfall. According to different Hindu legends, because of their grace and majesty, waterfalls serve as a bathing place for gods and celestial beings. That’s an explanation for those who believe that waterfalls have healing powers. 

Gulfoss Waterfall – Iceland

In the nordic symbolism, waterfalls have also important meanings, because Vikings were praying more into nature, using waterfalls as a spiritual place to communicate with their Gods. It’s considered that Gulfoss Waterfall, one of the most magnificent waterfalls from Iceland, it’s the place where a Viking hid his treasures giving the name of “Golden Waterfall”.

The Elephant Waterfall – Da Lat, Vietnam

The Elephant Waterfall has also a beautiful legend. Back in the past when people were leaving in peace with the wild animals, the elephants were invited to a wedding between Ms. Biang, a nice daughter of Sre tribes chieftain, and Mr.Lang – a good chieftain of Lach tribe. They quickly came to attend the wedding but sadly, on the way, they heard that Ms. Biang and Mr. Lang had died before they got married. Those elephants were devastated and started to cry continuously for several days until they died and became fossilized. Because of missing the elephants, The God of Langbiang Moutain cried a lot to console dead elephants until it was formed the waterfall. 

Kuang Si Falls – Laos

In Luang Prabang, you’ll the chance to visit another splendid waterfall, special for the purely turquoise color of its waters. Kuang Si Falls were formed when a wise old man revealed the waters of the Nam Si by digging deep into the earth. After the waters came to Kuang Si a beautiful golden deer made its home under a big rock that protruded from the falls. The sound of the water falling on this rock created an enchanting echo that drew people to the waterfall from as far away as China. Tat Kuang Si gets its name from this legend. ‘Tat’ meaning waterfall, ‘Kuang’, meaning deer and ‘Si’ meaning ‘dig’.

Kuang Si Falls – Laos

I offer a special attention to waterfalls during my travels because I love the time spent contemplating them. I believe that waterfalls are pieces of art created by nature to communicate with us. It’s important to use all our senses to discover their meanings and to celebrate them as gifts from nature.