How could I explain a moment of euphoria when the past, present, and future were reunited in harmony with my soul? Today I felt the universe in a cup of coffee and I cried…

I feel lonely, my body is weak and my head feels so heavy on my shoulders… I might have the virus but I’m still waiting for the results of the test. Every morning it’s getting harder to wake up and start the day. Today, I’ve been starring in the mirror hoping to magically pass the day and go to sleep again. It didn’t work so I’ve prepared a cup of coffee to wake up for real.

While I was drinking the coffee, I closed my eyes and I asked myself why should I continue the day? It wasn’t a hopeless question and I didn’t expect an answer, it was more like an exercise to motivate myself to have a good day. I’ve opened the eyes and looking at the coffee for a short and eternal moment, I felt at peace inside. I felt loved and protected, I felt time doesn’t exist and that I could travel anywhere anytime. It was a moment of clarity and tranquility that made me tear up with happiness.

It remembered me to have faith in the universe because everything will be fine. Every day, every moment represents a part of who we are, of our choices and our lives. It’s ok to be lost sometimes, it’s ok to ask for answers, it’s ok to question the sense of existence, as long you find your peace in all the chaos around you.