Norway has a lot of mysterious, breathtaking places that could help you to find some answers when you feel lost. Coming back to nature and being aware of our small place in the universe help me to appreciate more the small things and not taking anything for granted. That’s why I want to associate one hike or beautiful place from Norway with the feelings, doubts or findings that I had from that trip.

The month of August was about dealing with our differences in the team, the Honeymoon finished and we became aware of the realities of “our marriage”. It was a hard period when some of us tried to find a place in the team for our individual needs and others still continued to put the team in the first place. The contradictions appeared step by step…I realized that I don’t know how to create a balance between my personal dreams and my attachment to the team. In this context, we had another team trip to the mountainside of Flekkefjord, a perfect way to reflect before taking decisions.

Flekkefjord is situated in the south of Norway, midway between Stavanger and Kristiansand, 1.5 hours driving from these cities. There are many attractions and things to do around but we decided to camp next to Sandvika Beach and some of us did the hike to the potholes at the Brufjell caves. The team wasn’t complete this time too because we missed Gabri, as I said we became aware of our needs and limits and she asked time for herself for those days. I asked myself too if I feel ready for another trip and hike considering that August was a busy month and the ulterior week was planned as being even busier. I decided that nature will give me the energy needed for the next week, even if my body wasn’t so well prepared for another 10 hours trip.

I was ok with the decision taken because Sandvika beach is such a miraculous place hidden by rocks and still pretty easy to access, at least easier than the other hikes we did. When we arrived in the parking, our team member, Ivo, who proposed this place, told us that the beach will be reached in 20 minutes walking through the woods. Be flexible when a Portuguese gives directions, it’s possible not to respect the universal laws of measuring the time or it’s possible to omit some parts of the instructions. I decided to carry a big mattress with me to be sure that I will sleep comfortably in the tent. I didn’t know that from the parking to the beginning of the hike we have to walk one kilometer and that the hike is not just a walk through the forest. Letting the frustration aside, I was proud of myself of having a nice place to sleep but I won’t advise you to do the same :))

When we arrived at the beach, we shared space of silence, we knew that little beach is our for the night and we took the necessary time to reflect. I was looking at each member of my team and asking myself if they are struggling with their thoughts, feelings in the same way as me. I felt again that somebody else more powerful is watching over us and that whatever doubt I have inside, I should be confident that the team will accept me as I am. We watched one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life, together and that was the moment when I realized that I should listen to my intuition and pursue it. I understood that sometimes separation is not a bad thing even if I was afraid of it. Still, I would have liked to communicate better this thought…

After this trip, we had some moments of conflict and sadness… Now it’s easier to say that I truly appreciate those moments and I remember Sandvika beach as one of my dearest places that I’ve ever seen.