It’s amazing to start traveling around the world but at the same time planning a long journey could give some headaches. I decided to write this article about how to and what to pack for a three-months trip in South-East Asia because I had challenges in deciding what is best to take or leave it behind. In the last months, I realized that traveling light is the best option for backpackers because we adopt a spontaneous way to travel by hitchhiking or Couchsurfing without having a strict plan to follow. In these conditions, we need to adopt smart packing and to give up at unnecessary things but to have some important items with us.

In order to travel as easier as possible, it’s better to start by searching for a good backpack, it depends on each of you how big do you want to be it, but you need to consider that you could have days when you’ll be on the road and it could be exhausting to travel with a big one. It’s efficient to have one backpack with a cover for rain if you plan to be a nomad for a while.

On the same topic, you should have with you a sleeping bag, hammock if you want but it’s a must to have a mosquito net. The most usual one is the small one from Decathlon but for paranoic people like me, the Army Shop will help you with a mosquito tent like mine. It’s harder to carry it but I find it more reliable.

I’ve started the mosquito’s subject because I think he will be my biggest fear during my traveling. There are many illnesses caused by mosquito starting with malaria and ending to Japanese encephalitis and you should try to protect yourself. That’s why I’ve tried to make my provisions with mosquito repellent, bracelets, and gel after bites. It’s indicated also to have some pills with you for diarrhea or painkillers and I took a little bottle with propolis from home to use it for small injuries or to put one drop în a cup of water each morning.

Concerning the clothes, it’s good to have aș less aș possible, some T-shirts, leggings, a waterproof jacket, and pants if you’re traveling în the rainy season, two blouses, and enough underwear and socks. It’s important to have good trecking shoes for traveling, enough high to protect your ankle too and waterproof. I took a pair of sports shoes and sandals too.

After all, I’m sure that I forgot something or that I took unnecessary things with me but this experience will help me to write a better article when I’ll come back so stay tuned and enjoy traveling!