Today was our first day working in a school in India and I loved it! For the next weeks, we will implement some STEM Module in the Bridge Schools in which children involved in Child Labour, are studying before being ready to go to the governmental schools. STEM is a project-based curriculum, educating students in four subjects: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, in an interdisciplinary and practical approach. I am passionate about the universe and I proposed to implement a Solar System STEM Module. 

The first step in our journey was to create the story around the projects that we will put into practice. So, on our first day, we created a class of astronauts by confectioning an astronaut kit for each student from the class. After having this astronaut costume, we will explore the space and we will have different missions to accomplish. Our idea was to use things that we could reuse by demonstrating that garbidge could become bring some fun in the class.

 I didn’t expect anything from today’s activity, I just wanted to start working with the kids but they were amazing smart, curious and open to trying something new. They got involved in the process by bringing cartoons and recycling plastic bottles. It’s beautiful chaos in their joy and way to deal with learning because they are very active and willing to use their hands. I was impressed by their dynamism and happy until the bottom of my heart because they were implicated in our story.

We want to develop this STEM Module for boys and girls in the same class and I was curious about the relation between them in the same activity. Even if there were some tensions regarding sharing the resources that we used, in the end, they were helping each other to finish at the same time. This part was a lesson of avoiding judgment for me because I was afraid that they can not work too well together. The reality is that children are the same everywhere, they love to play together and they help each other in their playing time.

I and my colleague Ivo heard for three hours Madame and Sir from the students that were incredibly happy to show their progress of the task. It was a day about working and having fun together by creating an astronaut kit that we’ll help us to explore the universe…