I had a beautiful childhood, mostly because I loved to dream, read and try to transform my dreams in reality. My mother always encouraged me to read and just because it was a good thing to do but also because she was amazed by the characters and their storyline. She was very proud of our little library and showed me how much she cares about the books. I’ve never realized how lucky I was as a child from a village having a mother like mine, a dreamer, an explorer and a very responsible person towards education. All the magic that I feel inside me, I have it from my mother and from her curiosity of learning continuously during her life.

The first book that I’ve read was a fairytales book of Hans Christian Andersen in the summer holiday from first to second grade. I was very serious with this task and I’ve done a schedule to read one story per day. At that time my family had a lot of geese and I was responsible to keep an eye on them. Once, I was reading my fairytales on the side of the road supervising my geese and I had a little conflict with another kid, I don’t remember why but as a result of that fight, he throws away my book in a pond. I was devastated, it was one of my early sad situations from my life… 21 years later I was visiting the hometown of that book’s author…

Odense was a special place for me, I felt the magic of fairytales from the moment that I’ve arrived at the train station. It couldn’t be otherwise…I’ve grown up with stories of Hans Christian Andersen and this part of my childhood represents the foundation of who am I today. I’ve imagined during my trip in Odense that I’m taking a walk with him and that I’m asking about his childhood and about his source of inspiration for his tales. I don’t realize if I was really talking by myself but I didn’t feel alone in this magic town. I loved the colorful streets and picturesque houses that were inviting me to enter in the fantasy world.

I went to visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum which is a set of museums and houses dedicated to the author in the price of one ticket. I received one bracelet and during one day I’ve visited the H.C. Andersen Museum (existing museum), the H.C. Andersen Birthplace (original museum), the H.C. Andersen Childhood Home, and even Møntergården (city museum). I was fascinated to walk through the city and to find these places by myself.

Another place that I’ve enjoyed a lot in Odense was the Fairy Tale Garden known also as Hans Christian Andersen’s garden. Once again I was dreaming to travel in the past and understanding if a place like Odense could inspire me too for writing such meaningful stories that could mark other kids’ childhood.