If you would have to choose ten photos from your travels for sending them as postcards to you in the future, which will be the principle of selection? The most professional photos? The most intimate moments captured by the camera? The meaningful things that have you done during your travels? The pictures with a story of yourself or of other people? The funniest experiences photographed that still make you laugh? Of course, it doesn’t exist a right or wrong answer, everybody is inspired and motivated by different things in life. I did this exercise and it took me almost one day to select only ten photographies with a meaningful message that could inspire me for life.

Sending postcards it’s something really special for me because it symbolizes the essence of your travel said through a great photo and a few words. Usually, you send postcards to the dearest persons from your life because you miss them or you want to send them your joy. I didn’t have this habit before my travel to Asia when for the first time I felt sincere and honest gratefulness for being understood and loved by my family. I was in a small town in Laos, Thakhek when I sent my first postcard to my family thanking them for their unconditional support and love. Since then, I tried to send them postcards from all the places I visited. A postcard to myself in the future it’s even harder to chose and write because I need to reflect more about what is really meaningful and inspirational in my life. So after a long time of thinking, this is the result of my selection with a short message for myself in the future.

May 2013 – Brașov, Romania. Your smile will follow you wherever you go. Remember where you came from and be grateful to the people that helped you during your journey.

December 2017, Gullfoss Falls – Iceland. First time traveling to the North alone, remember you are braver than you think. Don’t forget how powerful nature could be.

February 2018 – Pergamon Museum, Berlin. Love, beauty, and art will survive through History. You’ll always be an archaeologist of true values trying to find traces of humanity in every place you visit.

February 2019 – Erice, Trapani, Italy. Sometimes, you’ll appreciate more some experiences after they have passed. Value every moment of your life while you live them, especially the ones with your family. 

September 2019 – Hebron, Palestine. Love, play, educate, and have trust in the next generations. Remember kids find the easiest solutions to the most difficult situations. 

December 2019 – Varanasi, India. Whenever you have too many questions about life, come to India! Everything will become more simple, beautiful, and peaceful. 

January 2020  – Khonda Tribe, Odisha, India. I saw a lot of beauty, power, and wisdom in these women’s eyes. I hope you’ll still be inspired by them. 

January 2020 – Da Lat, Vietnam. Sometimes, the universe has mysterious ways to make you happy. Korean princess in Vietnam, why not? 

February 2020 -Vang Vieng, Laos. Traveling is about facing your fears too. When you need help with that, let yourself inspired by the smiles of the beautiful people from Laos.

March 2020 – Bagan, Myanmar. Be humble! Remember you are a guest in this wonderful world. Cherish everything about your life.