I came to Bhubasnewar – Odisha following the advice of my host in Agra. “If you want to investigate more about poverty and isolated communities, you should visit tribes in Odisha.”

I didn’t give any idea of what exactly I was looking for but I was inspired to learn more about tribal communities. After my meeting with Patna in Vizag, I had another beautiful coincidence in Bhubasnewar where I got in touch with a nice team of Udara NGOs.

I was happy to promote one generous action of NGO Udra Charitable Trust from Odisha which placed Blessing Boxes in all the Paris Bakeries around the country with the purpose of collecting clothes for helping tribal communities during the winter season.

I am grateful to have met this wonderful team dedicated to serve the challenging communities from Odhisa. So if you’ll see one Blessing Box in Pyaris Bakeries, please put inside the clothes that you don’t need anymore. The action is called “Thile Diya nathile niya” meaning “If you have, you give. If you don’t have, you take”.

India is giving me a lot of meaningful lessons and the chance to meet kind people with good initiatives.