At the beginning of July, I came to Norway to improve my abilities to study and working in a team, a challenge that I gave to myself when I joined the program Fighting with the Poor in One World Institute Norway. Honestly, I was skeptical of me being able to become a team player but I was motivated by the goal of this program to do Volunteering in Africa or India and I channelized all my resources to do it. My team is a mosaic of 7 different pieces, with different shapes and different colors, trying to be glued together by a team leader…hard job, but in the same, it’s a super opportunity to become a creator of a piece of art.

Because Norway is a paradise for the hiking lovers, we started the process of building our team with an amazing trip to Stavanger and a hike to Kjerag. This occasion was perfect to get to know each other better, to test our organizational skills and more than anything to see how flexible we are, facing the unpredictable situations. Let’s present a little bit my team…about me I wrote a lot and I show myself somehow in each article, the mosaic continues with a very shiny piece of a Mediterranean soul, a smile covered by noise from Italy, dated since 1999. Researching more for special pieces in the south, the mosaic grows with a solid piece of intelligence, a strong sense of loyalty, and with a little bit of powder of stubbornness from Malta, dated since 1994.

Another southern piece was brought from sunny Portugal, special for its high sensitivity, love for people, creativity, and too much relaxation, dated in the ‘80. Traveling to the East, the Norwegian mosaic received another solar piece, already shaped in an artistic way with love, care, and some mystery in showing itself, from Slovakia, dated since 1998. The first part of the mosaic that waited for us to join, is a very patient piece, deeply emotional and empathic, hardworking covered with drops of insecurity in taking decisions, made in Hungary, dated since 1994.

Our beautiful mosaic is completed by another Romanian piece, shaped in a minimalist way, fully spiritual and introspective, stubborn sometimes too. All these pieces had to be put together by a mastermind, a mysterious person, smart in analyzing people and different situations, caring about the people’s needs, and putting himself in their service.

These divers pieces started the travel with Mamma Caravella and the adventure of our team began…Traveling by car with another 7 persons that you don’t know, could be challenging, for some it’s as easy as riding a bike but for others like me, it’s complicated because I pay too much attention at details and I don’t let myself discovered too soon. The beauty of our mosaic is that we have people on both sides. From understanding our different rhythms or our different organisms to accept all the preferences in music or in-jokes, I concluded that we did a pretty good job on the road.

Our first team’s hike was Kjerag, one of the most famous and breathtaking places in Norway. It’s not an easy hike and we had a different status in hiking, from no experience at all, beginners, and better than medium maybe, but the biggest challenge was for Ivo, our Portuguese team member who did the hike with a broken leg. It’s not a joke or an exaggeration…it was just meant to be… Some facts about Kjerag- is a 1,110-meters tall mountain situated on the southern shore of Lysefjorden, just southwest of the village of Lysebotn. The main attraction of the hike is the Kjeragbolten, a weird situation of a 5-cubic-meters stone wedged between two rocks. It is possible to walk onto the rock without any equipment, but be aware there is a direct 241 meters drop below and then another 735 meters down to the Fjord.

Considering the difficulty of the hike and the different experiences in hiking or hight fears, we had to pass some obstacles in reaching the famous rock. On the way up…I had some moments of regret of doing it because I felt that I can’t do it and I don’t like myself when I have this feeling of powerless because it pushes me to climb mountains without caring if I let somebody behind. So…it happened exactly like this there, where I started to hike faster just to finish it and to prove myself that I’m not weak. I’ve reached the top alone and I waited for the others admiring the amazing view of the fjord, and then something overwhelming happened….my team members were concerned about me and they almost argue with me because they didn’t know if I was safe. This was the moment when I fell in love with my team…simple, honest, beautiful moment together.