The War Remnants Museum is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most enticing cultural and tourist sites having nearly one million visitors per year. I spent there a few hours and I found it really interesting, explicit and well documented presenting various faces of the Vietnam War. For a price of the only 40000VND, you could have an interactive lesson about the history of the war in Vietnam.

It is the unique museum in Vietnam to systematically study, collect, conserve and display exhibits on war crimes and consequences of the war on the Vietnamese people. Simultaneously, the Museum appeals to everybody to oppose unjust war, preserve global peace, promote friendship and solidarity among nations.

The Museum is endowed with 9 permanent thematic exhibitions and various special collections. I was profoundly impressed by the second exhibition called “Requiem” presenting stories of almost all the photographs that died on the war field. It was another perspective of the war consequences and for the first time, I saw an entire room dedicated to them and their last photos. It’s a mix of art, pain, history, and death.

Another exhibition that caught my attention was “The world supports Vietnam in its resistance to US aggression 1954-1975”. They show how different countries around the world organized manifestation to support Vietnam. One wall is reserved for Eastern Europe and you could see in one picture how Romanians showed their support. You could see also photos from peaceful manifestations in other countries like Sweden, Norway.

Finally, one of the most meaningful experiences in the museum was given by the temporary exhibition on the first floor. There you could find out the stories of some American soldiers that criticized the intervention of the US in Vietnam.