We know already that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, but this statement is a two-edged sword depending on the person using it. In this context, History is a weapon too, most of the time in the service of the state and it’s used to justify the power or to deny it. I used to believe that studying History will help me to be closer to the truth and more solid in my beliefs, in time I realized that studying this subject helped me to put more questions and to lose most of my beliefs.

History has an important role in the schools of Palestine and Israel too. I’ve had a conversation with a father of two students who told me very sure about himself that he wouldn’t let his children learn a hatred History against Israel. When I asked him more details about the History in books, he told me that it’s mentioned that Haifa is a Palestinian seaport or that Galilee, Nazareth are regions of Palestine, without having hate in the schoolbooks. Researching more about this subject, I found out that Palestinian History doesn’t put too much accent on the ancient Jewish presence in Palestine and presents Zionism as an enemy movement.

On the other side of the Wall, the historical textbooks were criticized as being anti-Palestinians, we could see this in the research of a professor of language and education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Nurit Peled-Elhanan. She has a paper about the way how the Arabs are described in Israeli schoolbooks called “Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and propaganda in education”. Talking with our hosts in Tel-Aviv, they also recognized that the hate against Arabs is promoted in school and that they were forced to complete the military service even if they didn’t like it.

In this context, I wonder…should we or we should not remember the past? If the people wouldn’t remember their pain maybe the suffering will stop. Where is the truth? What do we really know about this world? Should we question everything? But how to live without choosing what to believe? People are emotional, weak and idiots…but in this way are authentic pieces of art, without their imperfection, I wouldn’t be here struggling to find some clarity in this storm.

Maybe people shouldn’t have memory, maybe history shouldn’t exist and humanity shouldn’t learn from their past because anyway, they don’t. We pretend that we want to do good around us, that we want to be in the service of people or that we want to give better education to our children. Are we really doing this? What do we understand and learn from our past? Help me to find some light in this twisted mind of mine. Could you imagine a society without memory? Without past? Could we be happier, kinder and more reliable like this? Is it History to blame for this circle of suffering or the people? Could we learn to deal with our emotions, differences and our past? Be honest! Be real!

What could I wish for this world in order to still exist? Is it my trouble or not? Should it be? I know nothing…