Two words come first to my mind when I’m thinking of Copenhagen: freedom and diversity, two key ingredients for happiness, from my perspective. While I was living in Denmark, I’ve visited a few times Copenhagen and I consider that it’s a city that should be visited because it has a lot of magic to offer. In this city, you could experience the danish Hygge, which can be translated as the state of well-being.

One of the most emblematic places from Copenhagen is the Nyhavn canal lined with colorful houses, built in the 17th century. In the past, this street was popular for artists or writers like Hans Christian Andersen who were searching for inspiration for their creations. Today Nyhavn port is the biggest attraction of Copenhagen because you could chill out in the locals and pubs there or watch the sunset during summertime. From this point, you have the possibility to start a boat sightseeing through the canals of Copenhagen with a tour live guided in English.

If you travel with kids or if you have the child alive inside you, you should definitely go in the Tivoli Gardens. It’s a huge amusement park set in different themes according to the main holidays of the year, with a lot of fun rides like the Golden Tower, The Dragon Boats or The Classic Carousel. I had the chance to see an amazing fireworks show of Tivoli on the 1st of June this year and it was a great time to remember how much happiness these things could bring to us.

Usually, when I visit a big city, I am trying to find one of the highest points from where I could see the city from above. One of the reasons is to take beautiful pictures but at the same time, I love the feeling of power given by the height and the possibility to see all the colors of the place. In Copenhagen, I’ve felt this in the Tower of The Church of Our Savior. I recommend you to visit this church which is one of the famous in Denmark because of this tower in the form of a spiral, inaugurated in 1752. It has 400 steps until the top and the last 150 are outside, a big challenge for those who have a fear of heights because the spiral is becoming tinier. The view from the top is totally worth the effort, I was amazed by the beauty of Copenhagen.

I can not present Copenhagen without writing something about the magic of the Freetown Christiania, a controversial place inside the capital. At the beginning of the ‘70, the community of Christiania was built around the former military barracks and parts of the city ramparts dated since the 17th century. The people in Christiania have set their own rules, independent of the Danish government, forbidding stealing, violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests and hard drugs. It’s interesting to have a walkthrough Christiania to observe the vibe of the town, the way how the community is working without having authorities. I loved to be there around the lake and to enjoy the good weather, having random conversations with other visitors about all kinds of subjects.

I’ve presented the places of Copenhagen that made me feel this feeling of Hygge but the city has many other places to be discovered. You need just to be curious and enjoy the vibe of this beautiful city.