The first month in school was the Honeymoon period of our team, we fell in love and started to have fun together, watching a serial together and studying together. We were doing most of the activities together and we put a pretty big accent on togetherness without paying too much attention to our differences. Of course, everyone noticed the differences between us but in a very romantic way, we focused on togetherness than starting to deal with our demons, and honestly it wasn’t the case yet…we needed to dream more for a while…

The second hike organized as a team was the walk over Besseggen, the most popular hike in Norway, done by approximately 30000 people each year. This time the team wasn’t complete, the team leader was is an escapade for the weekend, in Hungary and Anna was in another romantic adventure, so the rest of us, Ivo, Karen, Sandra, Pamela and me organized this trip by ourselves. We did an amazing job in planning our departure, we slept in the same room and we woke up at the right hour in order to start the hike early. The only thing that we didn’t plan properly was the hike…we arrived there and we realized that we had the possibility to do one way by boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and then to the hike back. Some of us were up to do it like this, others like me didn’t have money for it…confusion…but we realized that even if we would want to split, there weren’t any more places for the boat. Perfect…decision taken…let’s start hiking!

If in Kjerag, I felt the need to prove myself something, here I cared more about my body and about the persons around me. I started to listen more to my inner me and to pay attention to other people’s rhythms. I decided to stay behind, a perfect place from where you could observe everybody. I felt grateful and happy to change the perspective, I realized that it’s such a blessing to have people around to share the water, an apple or some food. I was prepared to go back too without regrets that maybe I wouldn’t see the main attraction because anyway I didn’t know what to expect. I became attached to the group and the only thing on my mind was to be safe and together.

The walk is estimated to be done in 5-7 hours, we hiked for approximately 5 hours only until the highest point, Veslfjellet, 1743 meters, and then we hiked back for another 3 hours more or less. Hiking back for me was a therapy session with Sandra, we talked a lot about ourselves and I felt safe to show myself, another sign of attachment, for what I’m really grateful. We finished the hike really excited and we went to Mamma Caravella ready to have a proper meal…then we saw the perfect description for our team organizational skills….our van had the door largely opened. I’m still thinking that we shouldn’t be considered reliable by anyone after this…lucky us that we were in Norway and nothing disappeared, excepting the trust in each other ability to close Mamma Caravella.

After this beautiful day, we spent a magic night in my dearest Caravella, we slept 5 persons in the van and I connected the best with her from the trunk. It was a rainy night but I felt safe and cozy in our smelly Caravella. Honestly, it was one of the best nights ever… not only because of our weird style of sleeping but because we were together in that situation. We become stronger as a team…this hike was really special for me…it was a time of reflection and space of asking myself if I’m able to give unconditional love.