One of the best experiences in Vietnam was living in Đô Đô’s house for almost one week and being part of the strong community that he built through his project. Basically, he is like a connector putting together foreigners and locals in a really friendly environment.

Đô Đô is offering host up to 8 foreigners for free and the opportunity to have conversations with locals that want to improve their English. The idea is purely beautiful because on one hand it’s a good opportunity for the travelers to avoid the touristic places and do something meaningful and on the other hand it’s promoting a new way of teaching English by communicating directly to foreigners, in a relaxing environment without the pressure of the traditional schooling.

Actually, this is one of the main reasons why Đô Đô started this project, the lack of learning by doing in the public educational system. He felt that teaching English in public schools is not enough practical so he tried to combine the formal and non-formal education. In order to offer a more authentic way to learn English to his students, he founded Đô Đô English School.

Đô Đô is a very kind person that puts the soul in his project and wants that everybody involved having a nice experience during the stay in the magic house. I use the word magic because that house is really special, it’s welcoming you from the moment you step inside, you feel part of a community.

As a real connector, Đô Đô is making sure that everybody is having a good time, that’s why he is organizing different activities like hiking or camping together. He will also prepare a good egg coffee or coconut coffee for you, in order to have a taste of the best Vietnamese coffee.

In one week spent there, I’ve met many people with beautiful and surprising stories. I think this was the most beautiful part of my experience in this house. Almost every other evening I was meeting a new traveler coming to the house, travelers with different destinations and different experiences. If you want to stay for a longer period in Da Nang and maybe to teach English regularly, you have this option too, don’t worry you won’t be the only one there. Đô Đô’s English school will find a place for you.

Talking with the students during our morning meeting was a precious memory too. I had the chance to understand better the Vietnamese society, how important are the status of the job here and the role of the family. Discussing work, school, holidays and hobbies with locals is a real opportunity to have a better image of the ordinary people’s life.

I left the house feeling that I was lucky to have this experience and meet so many people. I was thinking that at the end of my stay there, I’ll feel satisfied of doing something meaningful but more important than this I felt grateful to become a part of Đô Đô’s community. So my dears readers, if you plan to spend more time in Da Nang, feel free to join this project, I bet you won’t regret it.