Welcome beautiful people, travelers or wanting to be!

Hi, I’m Ramona, a twisted traveler that doesn’t find his place yet so I’m trying to explore, learn and understand as much as possible about this world. This blog is for everyone because beyond traveling is about people, people that I meet during my travels, about people that I already knew and traveling help me understand better my relation with them or about myself and all my inspirational, weird, funny experiences that travel is giving to me.

I was born and raised in a small village in Romania, having parents with different interests and expectations from me, my mother who always put the education in the first place and my father who was connected with nature and more practical things as gardening and raising animals. I’m grateful for my childhood but I knew from a young girl that I want to see more and understand more about the world outside my village. Even though I come back home with a real need to reconnect with my roots and my family any time I have the chance.

I’m interested in education and history and I’m trying during my travels to observe how educational systems work in different societies. I truly believe that in education we could find solutions to reduce the huge economical gap between western societies and countries from the third world, solutions to prevent and stop the war or solutions to protect our planet as long we still have it. History is helping me to understand the bigger picture of what I visit during my travels and to connect the causes and consequences of people’s actions.

I think a lot, sometimes too much but here is the funniest part of my traveling blog because sometimes my weird imagination is taking over and I feel like Alice in Wonderland or that I’m caught in Truman’s Show. After all, this beautiful world in which we are living is crazy enough to make me doubt that what I’m seeing it’s real.

I’ve been traveling before starting this blog but I’ve never felt more the need to share the experiences of my travel than now, after a two weeks investigation trip to Palestine and Israel. Traveling has the power to educate ourselves more than schooling or confusing mass-media, that’s why I feel the responsibility to share my findings. But don’t forget, dear reader, after all this is just another perspective, you should take only what you need for yourself.