I remember the feeling of waiting for my mother from the hospital with the new member of the family. I was three and in order to see the gate of our yard, I was climbing on the table to look through the window. This is one of my early memories, the feeling of curiosity and excitement, maybe a little jealousy, and the view of that window to the gate. Today, my sister is 26 years old and I still wait with the same excitement the moments we are together. My sister is the most perseverent person that I know, she works hard to overcome the challenges and she tries every day to put a new brick in her self development. She knows herself pretty well with all the strengths and weaknesses and that’s why she is growing healthy and beautiful. I feel blessed to have her because she supports me every time in what I’m doing and because she cooks so amazing, I would have been totally lost without her.

This year we had our first travel together abroad, in Sicily. It was a combination of cooperation, funny moments and despair.. .for her. However, she understood me even then when suddenly I let her alone on the street saying that I need to walk alone for a while. The point is that this beautiful human being has enough empathy and gentleness in herself for accepting me exactly how I am, especially when I am hard to bear. That’s why I wish her all the good things that she’s doing for other people to come back to her. May your travel through life to be as meaningful and funny as until now. Probably I needed to go on the other side of the continent to realize how important you are to me, but you know me, I need to understand simple things in complicated ways.