People give different meanings to the sunset, for some persons is the most romantic moment of the day, for others, it’s a time of joy and celebration, for me – sunset is about reflection and gratefulness. I’ve met people on my travels which were deeply connected to the sunset’s mood, saying that they wouldn’t imagine their life without taking some time to enjoy this moment of the day. After I started traveling, I gave more value to the sunset and I became amazed about how spectacular and unique it is this moment in every place that I visited. I realized the top 10 sunsets from my travel to Asia in order to remember these special moments that made me feel grateful for my life.

  1. The Sunset from Dharamshala, a city of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan region. This sunset was about missing my family and being thankful to them for traveling and seeing this beautiful place.
  2. The sunset from a boat in Varanasi. Known as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is a holy city on the river Gange where Hindu people are coming to die and to be burnt here in order to stop the cycle of reincarnation and to reach Nirvana. For the first time, I saw the Hindu ceremonial of burning bodies and I realized how intense is Hinduism as a religion and as a philosophy. We took a boat ride on sunset and we witnessed silently the ritual of burning on the bank of Gange. This sunset was about facing a different civilization and asking myself how I see death and life. One of the most intense journey I ever had.
  3. The sunset from Hội An. Meaning the “peaceful meeting place”, Hội An is a city on the central coast of Vietnam, famous for its beautiful old town, being an example of a trading port from the 15th to 19th century. The architecture, the colors, the music, and the atmosphere of this place made me to feel like a time traveler. The sunset there was like a gate into history, making me value more the time.
  4. The sunset of Thakhek. The Mekong river offered me the best sunsets of my Asian journey because I had precious experiences that made me grateful every day. Thakhek is a former French trading port in central Laos on the Mekong river, a place where I met a kind people that helped me with my travel.
  5. The sunset from Pakxan. This is another town in Laos located on the Mekong river, where I had the chance to get more into the Laotian rural life and traditions. The sunset here was about valuing the beauty of traditions and people by wearing one of their national costumes.
  6. The sunset from Vientiane. Arrived in the capital of the simply beautiful Laos, I decided to visit first the famous Patuxay Gate. It was basically my first tourist attraction in Laos where I saw other foreigners and I felt some city vibes. The sunset in Vientiane was about celebrating the change of scenery.
  7. The sunset from Vang Vieng. Going further to the north of Vientiane, on the Nam Song River, it’s located the party’s town of Vang Vieng. For me, this town was very special because there I was facing some of my fears through different activities like zipline and water caving. The sunset there was about having more confidence in myself and remembering to be brave.
  8. The sunset from Luang Prabang. The ancient capital of Laos, Luang Prabang is known for its diversity of Buddhist Temples so well preserved that it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Everything about this place is spiritual and leads you to reflection and meditation. On my first evening in Luang Prabang, I crossed the first Bamboo bridge for 10.000 KIP and I witnessed a beautiful red sunset nearby the Mekong River.
  9. The sunset from Loikaw. This is a beautiful and quiet city, the capital of Kayah State in Myanmar. The centerpiece of Loikaw is the Taung Kwe Pagoda, which comprises a number of white and gold monuments sitting on top of limestone outcrops which jut dramatically from the surrounding plains. I’ve asked the locals where I could have a beautiful view of the sunset and they sent me up to this pagoda. It was an amazing experience, the beautiful red sun is hiding slowly behind the Karen Hill, covering with a warm light the fields around the city.
  10. The sunset from Bagan. The enchanting ancient city of Bagan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including almost 4000 temples and pagodas that survived the history. Bagan is both magic and spirituality together and you can feel the energy of this place into your veins. The sunset there is very special, it’s like the sun going down will bring the disappearance of an ancient world that should have ended a long time ago. With his last rays of light, the sun is actually deciding that Bagan will still survive over time, a land blessed by Buddha, in a country situated at the intersection of the most diverse civilizations in Asia.